Our History


Experience is our History, Innovation our Future

Vitamed Biomedical s.r.l. was born in June 2015 as a medical device agency with the aim of developing new management models in the treatment of various pathologies, the result of its founder’s twenty years of experience in the field of chronic pain.

GIUSEPPE VERDERAME, CEO and founder of Vitamed with over 20 years of experience in the Medical Devices sector, he has developed his experience especially in the area of chronic pain with electrical and pharmacological neuromodulation devices.

Professionally raised first in AB Medica and then in Medtronic Italia, where he held the role of sales manager for Northern Italy for about 10 years, Giuseppe has developed a deep awareness of how much passion can really make the difference.


Over the years it has broadened its area of ​​interest by developing new markets and services as a national distributor (since 2019).


In addition to representing the products for healthcare companies, Vitamed Biomedical also guarantees a technical assistance service in optimizing the devices. In this way it offers Patients the possibility of being followed up even after the implantation of their medical device, making them an active part of their treatment path.


To be innovators oriented towards people's health in the panorama of biomedical technologies, making them more accessible and functional to those who need them.


We strongly believe in the need to implement innovative forms of disease management, which can bring benefits to all those involved according to innovative models and through the use of the latest technologies, in full compliance with scientific evidence and enhancing the various professional skills.