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Vitamed Biomedical collaborates with a number of Italian companies in the definition and implementation of management models, in line with its Mission.

SCOPRI IL TUO NEO (2022): a new and exclusive high-tech Teledermatology service to increase the levels of prevention of skin cancer in an increasing number of patients and through the innovative SIAscopy on Dermsecure imaging system.
DERM SECURE® (2021): In partnership with MedX Health Corp. we have been starting a pilot progam for the assessment of the innovative teledermatology screening platform Dermsecure(R) for the diagnosis of melanoma.


HSS-HOME SERVICE SOLUTIONS (2021): in collaboration with Newronika SpA we manage a home technical support programme, aimed at helping patients best use a new biomedical technology at home.

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IO RESTO IN PIEDI – “STAY STANDING” (2020): this is a project, born during the pandemic emergency and developed and fine-tuned in collaboration with FremsLife Srl, with the aim of spreading static balance
examinations in facilities more easily accessed by the population (e.g. pharmacies) in order to measure and prevent the risk of accidental falls in the over 65s.


tDCS JOURNEY (2019): as the Italian distributor of Newronika’s Direct Current Transcranial Stimulation (tDCS) technology, we have designed and implemented, in collaboration with the subsidiary GTS Srl (Global Therapy Solutions), a series of services aimed at improving patient’s use of this technology at home.


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